Customer Testimonials for Daisy Motor Group

Michael S. - 2008 Toyota Tacoma

I cannot speak highly enough about Daisy Motor Group. I first contacted Jeff with DMG regarding a truck of theirs I had found online. While discussing the truck and resale market with Jeff, I was given honest, clear information. I met with Josh at the lot the following day. Over the course of the next few hours, my current vehicle was appraised for a very reasonable trade-in value, and a deal negotiated for the newer vehicle. I was very upfront about my current financial situation and goals with Josh, and in return he was also very transparent about the business side of the deals and worked with me to find a solution. I applied for a loan through my credit union which just happened to have a branch 1/2 mile from the lot, ate lunch, signed paperwork, and left with my new truck that same day. I have always been leery of salesmen in the past and found many would attempt to be friendly and lie to you just to get a sale. This was absolutely not the case with DMG as both guys I spoke or dealt directly with were accurate, clear and honest. I could not be happier with my interactions with either of the guys or my overall experience with DMG. I can only pray that they turn my old pick 'em up truck around, sell her off and end up benefitting financially as I did.

Ana F. - 2007 Ford F150 Supercrew

Flew in from Maryland to take care of some family business and 2 hours prior to buying a ticket to fly home we stopped in to see a few trucks, Jeff was honest, very fair and couldn't have been more hour later we started our trip back east, the truck performed flawlessly and has ever since. What a great experience! have no fear!

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